Author Guidelines



  • On the boundary of da'wah studies, 
  • Non-plagiarism, 
  • The submission is original, neither a compilation nor a translation.
  • Prioritized on based empirical research, 
  • Written in Indonesia or English or Arabic (using Microsoft Word, Garamond 12, 1.5 space, A-4)
  • Submit to:
  • Empirical research-based manuscript use formats: Introduction, Research Method, Results and discussions, Conclusions and Bibliography.
    • Introduction: Consist of backgroung problem, briefly literature review, research question, and research objective.
    • Research Method: Consist type of research, subject and object, data collection techniques, data analysis technique, location and time of research.
    • Result and Discussion: Inform a number of important data (original) field which obtained from the questionnaires, surveys, documents, interviews, observations and other data collection techniques. It can be completed with table or graphics to clarify the result. All figures and tables should be centered and numbered consecutively. Tables (refer to Table 1, Table 2,…) should be presented above the table contain in center alignment. A descriptive title should be placed after table title (refer to Table 1, Table 2,…) above each table. The source of the table should be placed on the table in the right alignment. Figures and tables should be mentioned in the related text. 
    • Conclusion:  write succinctly and clearly the result of research then describe the logical consequence in developing science and praxis of Islamic education. Conclusion is not indented and uses bolded Garamond  12.
    • Bibliography: consists of reference and citations refer to the Chicago Manual of style 17th edition (full note) by using manager reference (Mendeley/Zotero/Endnote).